We empower students with the extensive knowledge, confidence, and pride they need to become professional microbladers.

We do that through our elite professional 3 days training course.

Point 36 and the Golden Ratio

Studies show the pure Golden Ratio in facial proportions is now based on the hairline. What is most important to note is that vertical facial feature dimensions identified as leading to attractiveness in the study are in fact built on Golden Ratio lines based on Phi.

These same Golden Ratio lines are found in the proportions of the chin, teeth/lip line and eye positions of faces recognized for their beauty, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer and Florence Colgate. Ratio of hairline is roughly 0.36. It is only one of many ways to measure a face.

The key features that impact perceptions of beauty are still based on the Golden Ratio, 1.618. Just like .36 is only one piece of the Golden Ratio system. We at Point 36 want to be part of your journey to create the perfect look. You can start your journey with us today!

Cindy Larson

Founder of Point 36

I started this company because.

Our goal is to guide all our students to master the art of microblading. Students will receive one on one “hands-on” guidance and supervision.

This will be an intensive course covering all aspects of mircoblading. From framing a perfect set of brows that will perfectly fit each client face to mastering the art of drawing each individual hair stroke and grouping them to create a perfectly symmetrical set of brows following the
golden ratio .36.

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